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Fighting for Acceptance Book Reviews, MMA Advocacy, and Other Media Links

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Fighting for Acceptance Book Reviews
Feb 25, 2009: Mayeda Examines MMA's Role in Society by Danny Acosta on; also reviewed on Aikido Kenkyukai Santa Barbara
January 31, 2009: 411 Mania by John Curry
January 5, 2009: Xtreme Lifestyle Mag by Christina Sears; also linked up on MMA, and
July 7, 2008: The Sweeter Science review by Jason Tiefel
June 25, 2008: Professors give MMA scholarly examination by David Avila on; See reactions to this review at AOL Sports and The Savage Science
April 9, 2008: by Sid Needelman (Part 2)
March 24, 2008: by Paul Larkin
March 12, 2008: by Sid Needelman (Part 1)

Interviews/articles with authors on MMA and related sporting issues
June 7, 2013: What message does bad behaviour on the field send to youngsters? television interview from TV ONE News in New Zealand - the extended internet version.
June 7, 2013: Elite athletes need to set a better example - expert written article from TV ONE News in New Zealand.
March 8, 2013: A blow for women's sport: The IOC's decision to cut Olympic wrestling delivers a symbolic and material blow to female athletes everywhere from
Feb 9, 2013: MMA: de renegado a paix„o nacional from Gazeta Do Povo.
Sept 3, 2012: New dawn for Mixed Martial Arts: Full contact sport of MMA aiming to join mainstream sports by launching its very own world cup from Aljazeera.
March 18, 2012: Rage in a cage: the man who made it big from The Sydney Morning Herald.
July 23, 2010: Theorizing Violence in Sport: The Case of Mixed Martial Arts on Bleacher; also linked on Citings and Sightings, The Price of Loving Violent Sport, ESPN: Taking responsibility for amateur MMA, Taking Responsibility for Amateur MMA, here, and Should the UFC Do More for Fighter Safety in Non-UFC Bouts?.
Sept 2010: BJ Penn: Outside the Octagon from Honolulu Magazine.
2010: Fight the Feeling: Are mixed martial arts fighters prone to violence? Whatever the answer, some fighters and fans say itís time to man up ó and tame the sportís aggressive ethos from the Desert Companion.
Mar 24, 2009: Contextualizing MMA in World of Violence on; also linked up on Aikido Kenkyukai Santa Barbara.
Feb 19, 2009: Sponsorships of elite: Began as secret competence; now is a "boom" in Mexico City's largest newspaper, El Universal
2009: Doctor's Stoppage: MMA Column by Dr. David Mayeda from MMA Hawaii.
May 25, 2008: Fight videos conflict with values of mixed martial arts by David Mayeda and Chris and Mike Onzuka from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin
March 25, 2008: Mayeda's response (letter, selected for publication in the
March 18, 2008: Mixed Martial Arts Set to Sully Network Television (article written in that critiques MMA)

Sociology in Focus on MMA
June 10, 2013: The Sociology of MMA: A Masculine Culture of Lack.
April 22, 2013: The Sociology of MMA: Women's Integration into the UFC.
March 4, 2013: No more Olympic wrestling?: a gendered perspective.
July 6, 2012: The Sociology of MMA: Fight Sport Theatre: Silva vs Sonnen II.
March 12, 2012: The Sociology of MMA: Breaking Arms and Making Patriarchal Bargains.
Jan 25, 2012: The Sociology of MMA: Do 'Real' Men Have Emotions?.
Dec 21, 2011: The Sociology of MMA: Hegemonic Masculinity Unleashed.
Dec 12, 2011: The Sociology of MMA: How Do You Define Violence?.

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I've won every fight since the interview ... The book is awesome. A really good read.
- Cleburn 'The Spartan' Walker
Mahalo to Chad and Jamie for supporting us at our first book signing over at Fighter's Corner

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